Q. How do I get started with Riseoo? 

A. You can create an account at Riseoo free of charge. You need to fill the necessary information in the sign-up page and get started. You can choose to purchase the desired Riseoo Partner Package and start earning exciting commissions, bonuses and incentives. 

Q. If I sign-up at Riseoo do I have to sign-up at Eazme again to create an account? 

A. No, once you register at Riseoo your account automatically gets created at Eazme, which you can access using the same credentials. However, it does not work vice-a-versa. 

Q. Is it possible for me to recruit prospects from other countries? 

A. Riseoo is a New Age Affiliate Model that has been operational globally since the day of it's inception. You can recruit Affiliate Partners to your team from any country. With Riseoo, there is no geographical barrier in expanding your team. 

Q. How much percentage of Pearls I can use in Eazme mall?

A. You can use up to 100% of Pearls in Eazme mall. However, it will vary from product to product.

Q: If a person is already referred for an Eazme membership, can he be referred again? 

A.  No, a person cannot be referred again once he is already referred.

Q. Can a person have multiple accounts with one email ID in Riseoo?

A. In Riseoo, only one account can be created with one email id. And the email ID associated with an account cannot be changed or used again. 

Q. How can the GA be reset?

A. Firstly, the GA cannot be reset, so it is important to make a note of the GA key and code. If there is some issue and you want to reset the GA, the below steps need to be followed;

  • Send a request from your Riseoo account on to the Partner Support System.
  • Send a picture of yours holding your id that is issued by govt and a signature page
  • The signature page must include: Riseoo account, date, reason for disabling/resetting the Google 2FA.

Q. What is the minimum payout request from Riseoo wallet?

A. Any Affiliate Partner can withdraw a minimum of $25 to a maximum of $25000 from the Riseoo Wallet. 

Q. Is there any processing fees applicable for the payout?

A. A fees of $1 is charged as the processing fees for the withdrawals.

Q. What is the pay-out cycle for different incomes in Riseoo? 

A. The pay-out cycle in Riseoo is mentioned below,

  • The weekly cycle will run from Monday 7:30 PM UTC to Sunday 6:29:59 PM UTC and the Affiliate partners will be able to view the same in their dashboard on every Monday at 12:30 PM UTC.
  • All Payouts requested from Monday-Sunday will be paid on Thursday 12:30 PM UTC. 

Q. How does the withdrawal functions in Riseoo?

A. For the withdrawals, the below points have to be taken care of

  • You must be an active member of Riseoo
  • The Google Authenticator needs to be activated
  • You will receive an email notification to “Authorize” the withdrawal. Once the email is Authorized, then the request is processed.