Pearls are an internal reward system. These can be used the by the Affiliate Partner to purchase Eazme membership vouchers and to make purchases from the Eazme mall. All the Affiliate Partners get a certain amount of Pearls upon enrollment depending on the selected package. 

The Pearls can be redeemed into 2 ways: 

  • It can be redeemed against Eazme Membership Vouchers
  • It can be transferred to Eazme Account and to do this there are no charges

Once transferred into Eazme Account, the Pearls can be used in the below mentioned manner:

  •  It can be used to unlock and avail the benefits of some special deals. To use this, a small portion of Pearls have to be paid
  •  It can be used for shopping from Eazme Mall. A portion of Pearls can be used to avail this service
  •  You can use a portion of your Pearls to pay the utility bills. 

My Pearl Wallet:

Pearls are your earnings and you can find the details regarding your Pearls, on the My Pearl Wallet of your Riseoo account. You can check the status of all your purchases and transactions that are made using Pearls. It can be bifurcated as per selected date range and category, if you wish to view any particular transaction.



You can Redeem the Pearls by clicking on "Redeem Pearl" and you will get 2 options: Redeem against Eazme Membership & Transfer to Eazme account.



 Please note each Pearl is equal to $1 and is valid for 365 days.