The Cycle Bonus is calculated on weekly basis. Cycle Bonus is generated in each pay period based on the matching Bonus Volume (BV) of your Side A and Side B. The matching of both the Side has to be of 250 BV that will complete one Team Cycle (1 Cycle = 250 BV).

The uncleared volume is carried forward to the next cycle and is never flushed.

The distribution of Cycle Bonus depends on the rank. In order to get higher Cycle Bonus, you have to advance your rank. Cycle Bonus also takes into account the Bonus Volume generated by Spillovers.

The Cycle Bonus ranges between 10%-16% that depends on the rank you achieve: 

  •  Team Building Phase, you are entitled to 10%
  •  Leadership Phase, you are entitled to 12% 
  •  Executive Phase, you are entitled to 14%-16%