You will earn the Top-Up Referral Bonus on all the packages and products sold, based on your total Personal Bonus Volume. The Top-Up Referral bonus is paid on the Bonus Volume (BV) of your direct referrals.

This can be earned in 2 ways:

Based on Personal Bonus Volume & Team Cycles 

Personal BV requirement:

  • Affiliate Partner should have 750+ Personal BV to get 5% additional Top up referral 
  • Affiliate Partner should have 1500 and above Personal BV to get 10% additional Top-Up Referral 


On achieving 20 Team Cycles in a month- 10%

An Affiliate Partner joining in the middle of the month or last week of the month will get one month to achieve the required BV. The payout will be made on the 01st of  next month.