It is imperative to know about Team Structure and how it functions before going forward to Placement Tree.

Team Structure:

A structure for placing new Affiliate Partners in the Placement Tree, comprises of Side A and Side B for each Affiliate Partner. The purpose of the Team Structure is to facilitate an “Automatic Business Builder” feature of the compensation plan to assist and encourage new Affiliate Partners with automatic "Spillover"

Placement Tree:

There are only two possible placement positions under each Affiliate Partner— either on Side A or on Side B. Each new Affiliate Partner enrolled by an existing Affiliate Partner is placed either on the Side A or on Side B directly under them in the Team structure. If these two positions are already occupied, the new Affiliate Partner will be placed in an available position underneath the first two. The placement of the Affiliate Partners on Side A or Side B totally depends upon the person who is referring them.

Side A is known as Left Side whereas Side B is known as Right Side. The Bonus Volume is always counted on the basis of volumes of Side A & Side B in the Placement Tree.

Below is the Placement Tree that will be displayed on your Riseoo Page.