Dashboard is the welcome or the first screen you view once you login to your Riseoo account. It gives an overview about the activities and business done by you. 

The Dashboard of each Affiliate Partner is further categorized into the following categories:

  • My Profile
  • My Community
  • My Earnings
  • Qualification Volume
  • Eazme Membership
  • Packages
  • Landing Pages

These sections are further divided into various sub- sections:

My Community:

  • Add Referral
  • My Referral
  • My Community
  • Placement Tree
  • Enroller Tree

My Earnings:

  • My Wallet
  • My Pearls Wallet
  • My Bonus Volume

Qualification Volume:

  • Personal Qualification Volume
  • Team Qualification Volume

Eazme Membership:

  • Vouchers
  • My Membership
  • My Referral
  • My Community


  • Buy Package
  • Orders

Landing Pages:

  • Pages